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Walking Through the Book of Esther: Chapter 4

Welcome Back Beautiful.

Today we are continuing on in Chapter 4.

This Chapter is Esther’s Chapter.  This is where she shines.  Where she learns about herself, her marriage, her strength and who she was created to be.  So we will be spending a few days with this.

Check out the video below for more conversion.

Let’s take a look at the bad a$$ Queen, Esther came in to her own in this Chapter.  This is where she steps up into the role of her life.  This was the moment she was created for.

So what is your moment? What  have you taken as your moment and stepped into it and owned it.

And do know how Esther came into her moment.  Stepping into who she was.

She over delivered as to what was expected of her.

She over promised, and then she over OVER delivered.

And so can you.  You can over deliver on your shine and power.

But the thing is …

You have to actually love creating your life.

You need to figure out what you have always wanted to do in life, was it to create and be artistic?  Was to own bakery or be a CEO of huge company.  Is it to write and speak and create?  Whatever is in your heart dying to come out You need to UNLEASH what’s inside of you. To just look within and let what resides and at times hides in there –


You have spent so long.

Oh! SO long.

Trying to figure out –

How to let your soul out –

Everything BUT what’s already inside of you.

“You’ve Always Had the Power, my dear, You just had to learn it for yourself” ~Glenda the Good Witch

For me this hard too. Telling myself that me just being ME and sharing teaching, inspiring, empowering from what is deep down in my soul, well THAT can’t be even be close to good enough!

I to have to just breath and TRUST.  TRUST GOD


Seriously when I followed all the rules I felt my soul dying inside.

I felt my whole being just going through the emotions and not really living my life.  Just drifting through life.

To try and prove myself. To convince everybody. To package and make myself …


To be the perfect Christian Women.

Which is really exhausting.

And I just couldn’t handle it anymore.

I was attracting all the wrong men, people into my life. Men and women I REALLY didn’t adore or care that much for.

But I thought it was the way.

I thought it was how it had to be.

I’m a GOOD Christian, and so I did what I what I thought was the right thing and what I was TOLD!

But through it all –

ALL I really wanted to do was to explore what God really thought I should be –

And the MESS –

And at times I really didn’t know to act or be –

Stuff inside of me do desperately needed to be heard.

And even though I QUESTIONED myself and even though I wondered why anybody would want to listen to ME and even though I certainly had NO clue how it could possibly result in anything real, I had this soul that wanted to cry out –

Shouting –

Leading me –

That if I would just start sharing my story- that some how I make a difference in one women life.  To show one person how they could make their life they want it.  

Actually live what is deep down in my soul and their soul –

I could inspire, motivate, educate and EMPOWER others to also say “no” I am not going to be quite about following the NORMAL path and to instead wake up and Be the Queen of their life.

Live their dreams.

Live their calling.

Live their LIFE.

Have I ever told you?

All I ever wanted out of life was to live my on my terms.  I was never good at following the rules.  I wanted to create and unleash my in Power to have it all.  To my life on my terms.  I knew I was created for more.  To be more and create more.  

You were born for a REASON.

There is stuff inside of you that is REAL.

You can live the life you dream of and you can unleash your Queen  and you can have it ALL and you can do it on your TERMS, it’s ALL right there waiting for you beautiful, but if you WANT it?


At some point you’re going to have to step up and TAKE it.

Every day.

For the rest of your life.

Of being you.

You Have to Over Deliver

Is it really SO much to ask, to give everything, until the day you die, to the eternal mission of getting to wake up each day and simply BE WHO YOU WERE BORN TO BE?

I think not.

I’ve LEARNED not.

I KNOW not.

So now –

When I look at how I make my marriage work, how to make my relationships work, how to make my relationship work with God, it may seem to IMPOSSIBLE and even I wonder at it at times,

However What do I do to make it work?

To get the man of my dreams?

To have the relationship you want?


Well –

I can answer you in a hundred different ways and then a hundred more.

However the answer is actually very simple, in fact it is so simple that most people reading will not BELIEVE it because hey –

Surely Becoming the Queen of your life  can’t be as simple as just DOING WHAT YOU KNOW YOU’RE MEANT TO DO, going all in at it, daily with your soul on fire?!

But here it is and this is all it is and this is all it’s ever BEEN, for me. It’s just that when I was single and when it wasn’t working and when I felt like I was going to die if I went on one more date.

I just gave myself permission to do what was deep down in my soul.

To let it all OUT.

It’s EASY to show up and serve each day, to produce so MUCH, to over promise and over OVER deliver, when all you’re doing is ALL YOU EVER WANTED TO DO.

So I let it out –


The Queen.

The Love.

The Passion.

The Flow.

And as well as giving myself permission to let it out I decided, after long enough of trying everything else, to simply trust –




That actually? Just because I FELT it would and even though it made no SENSE that it WOULD indeed inspire –

Motivate –

Educate –

And empower.


To know.

To Serve

To become Queen Esther.

To put others before me and still love me and do what what my soul says.

To Love myself and others so deeply that I all want to do is sever them.

To help them.

To help others learn to live the life their dreams.

Remember You can live the life of your dreams.

Remember You are the daughter of the most high God!!




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