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The Ultimate Bucket List for Single Women to Do this Summer:

The sun is shining and birds are singing..

I am sitting out on my back porch with a freshly cut lawn this mean only one thing


I know that Memorial Day it the official mark of summer however it is 75 degrees in the Northwest.   So that means everyone is thinking about summer.

Which got me thinking about to do this summer.

What fun and adventures things to do.

Here is a list of things to do that will get you out of the house,

Help you meet new people, help you not drift through the summer.

Help you actively wait on God while having the time of your life.

Without further a due here is the


For Single Women!!!

We are talking 50 things that you really can do.

This list is most helpful for women who want to make memories and for women who want to have a truly want to have awesome answer when a date asked “how’s your summer going?”

Check out the list below:

  1. Visit that cool new Coffee Shop
  2. Start a Creative Journal
  3. Girls Night to the Movies
  4. Go to an outdoor concert
  5. Cook for friends or roommates
  6. Text an old friend you haven’t talked to in awhile
  7. Visit a Book store and spend the afternoon browsing
  8. Take a pictures of the city you live in
  9. Volunteer at your church
  10. Do an in depth Bible Study of the Book of Esther
  11. Take a Road Trip to somewhere you have never been before
  12. Go to a car/boat show.  (Great Place to meet men)
  13. Start a Book Club or small group Bible Study
  14. Spend a little more time Praying
  15. Say Yes to a spontaneous adventure
  16. Be confident in a Bikini
  17. Buy a New Pair of Heels
  18. Join in on a beach volley ball game
  19. Get a new hair style
  20. Chase down an ice cream truck
  21. Send a message in a bottle
  22. Ride in a paddle boat
  23. Go on a long hike
  24. Blow Bubbles like a little kid
  25. Try every drink at Starbucks
  26. Hit the Happy Hour alone…(remember the 2 drink max rule)
  27. Attend a wedding (one you weren’t invited to maybe?)
  28. Have a DIY weekend
  29. Play tourist in your own city
  30. Travel alone somewhere
  31. Start a new hobby
  32. Go to the movies alone
  33. Go for a run
  34. Have Spa Day (at home or Spa place)
  35. Read at least one Personal Development book
  36. Write down everything you are looking for in a man
  37. Try a new dating App for one day
  38. Start a conversation with a stranger
  39. Go one day without Social Media
  40. Buy a new summer outfit that makes you feel feminine
  41. Go on a blind date
  42. Go on a picnic (a date, friends, alone?)
  43. Light candles, turn on soft music, and take a bath
  44. Learn to cook a gourmet meal
  45. Pay for someone behind you coffee’s
  46. Volunteer at Soup Kitchen
  47. Jump out of an airplane
  48. Go rock climbing
  49. Work towards financial freedom
  50. Say Yes to everything for one day.

There you have it…have I missed anything?  What would you add to it?

Leave a comment below.

And remember you are the child of the Most High God.



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