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Ultimate Bucket List for Married Couples.

WOW!! Can you believe summer is almost here?

Yes here comes the warm sun, sandy beaches, and the phrase “close the door” and “in or out” comes out of our mouths.

For many of us wives we think about fun stuff to do for the kids but what about fun things to do with your husband?

I don’t know about you but my husband have to plan our time together.  We want to spend time together but our lives get in the way sometimes.  So really this list is for my husband and me this summer so we are intentionally spending time together.

Of course with anything I write you can use all or some of my ideas.  This list is just a start to many many wonderful dates with your spouse.  Now this list is very G rated so I do suggest if you want to add in some more adult activities I would add those in too.


  1. Get a couples massage. (this is the first for a reason 😉 )
  2. Kiss on the Top of a ferris wheel
  3. Go on stargazing.  (If you have a pick up truck, put blankets and pillows in the back.  Let the night take you to the stars)
  4. Road trip somewhere spontanesous
  5. Learn one of the romance languages
  6. Watch the sunset from the hood of your car
  7. Have a water balloon fight…
  8. Dance until the sun comes up (take the kids to grandma’s)
  9. Build a blanket fort
  10. Go Zip Lining
  11. Go to the beach by yourselves
  12. Play twister with whip cream
  13. Kiss underwater
  14. Take a dance class together
  15. Kiss under the fireworks
  16. Eat spaghetti like Lady and the the Tramp
  17. Go to the Drive-In movie theater
  18. Do Valentine’s Day in July
  19. Carve your initials in to a tree
  20. Stay up to watch the sunrise
  21. Start a New Tradition
  22. Become a regulars somewhere (coffee shop/restaurant)
  23. Play Hide and Seek at IKEA
  24. Have a marshmallow fight
  25. Read the same book/Bible Study to talk about over the summer
  26. Go rock climbing
  27. Volunteer at chruch
  28. Make a time capsule
  29. Have a tech free day
  30. Go to a baseball game
  31. Have a DIY weekend
  32. Have a water gun fight
  33. Go paddle boating
  34. Camp out in the back yard
  35. Have candlelit outdoor dinner
  36. Dance outside in the summer rain
  37. Leave sweet sticky note to eachother
  38. People watch in the park and makeup stories for each couple you see
  39. Go mini golfing
  40. Send a message in a bottle
  41. Take a cooking class together
  42. Make something homemade that you can pass down to your children
  43. Go on a hike
  44. Wash the car toghether
  45. Host a block party
  46. Take a ride on a train or ferry
  47. Go on a romantic picnic
  48. Pick some berries to make a pie or jelly
  49. Make a couples play list together
  50. Take a tour of your home town (don’t forget to take pictures)

This is just the beginning of an awesome summer…I am sure you have some ideas you can add to the list.  Let me know your plans for the summer.  Leave a comment below.

Remember you are the child of the most high God.



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