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The Single Women’s Guide To Summer Romance

Oh summer love,  a time of fun and adventure.  This is the time to pull out the Single Women’s Guide and turn to the Chapter on Summer Romance.

When I think about summer I am taken back to Dirty Dancing and the summer romance between Johnny and Baby.

Let’s take a moment to remember “A Time of Your Life.”  

Now as a Christian Single women there is nowhere in the Bible that stats you cannot have a summer romance.  Now I am in no way telling you to have sex before marriage however their is nothing wrong with having fun and finding out what you want in a man.  I do not believe God ever wants us to “Court” or Date with a Purpose.  Huge News Flash the divorce rate of Christian Marriages is more than 50% after 20 years of marriage.  Now I don’t know about you but I don’t what to be in a relationship that ends after 20 or more years of marriage.   I when I got married for the second time I did so with my eyes wide open and a many many dates behind me.  When you say yes to possibilities in your life, you are more aware who you are and what you want out of life and who you want a life partner.

So yes go ahead and have a summer romance and see where it leads!!

With summer right around the corner there is something in the air that just shouts out LOVE….

So what can you do to find more Love for God, Love for Yourself and Love for a new Man?

Here are 10 Key Steps to having a SUMMER ROMANCE


Yes you and I know the best and most wonderful thing we can do to fall more in love with God is pray.  And with the carefree energy that comes with summer this can be something we put aside.  However before you enter into a summer romance you need to be in continual prayer.  Pray and Read your Bible to draw closer to God.  Pray that God will be with you and open up doors you have never thought about before.  Pray that you enter this with an open and with the plan to get to know about yourself and more about what you want out of life.   The whole reason why you are having a summer romance is to have more adventure and fun in your life.  You have to be open for it to end.  Be mindful in your prayers and where God is leading you.  You have to remember some men will come in and out your life to a lesson to be learned about yourself,  It is best to be in prayer about what lessons God’s wants you learn.


Finding The Guy:

OK so you have prayed about and feel deep down this something you should try this summer, your question is How in world do I find a great guy to spend my time with?  So we know that old way of Christian dating is meeting a nice man at Church, now there is nothing wrong with meeting a great guy at Church but what do you do when your not at Church.  So here is a list places of where to find financially and purposeful men.

  1. Athletic Clubs (triathlon club/Biking Club)
  2. Rock Climbing
  3. Wine Tasting Events (Don’t forget Jesus drank wine)
  4. Salsa Dancing
  5. Country Clubs
  6. Sailing Clubs
  7. Charity Events
  8. Real Estate Seminars
  9. Upscale Steak House
  10. Meetups Groups (type in your interest and go out)

Let Go of Control:

So now that you found a couple of men you would like to get know better, now is time for the hard part.  LET GO, JUST LET IT GO…..Let your imagination run wild at the possibles and the doors that could be open for you.   Be open to a lighter and funner version of yourself.  When you are willing to go after a little bit of carefree romance, you may surprise yourself by how much easier it may be to see LOVE in a whole new light.

Be Spontaneous:

So there is Time for every season and the Summer Time is a time to spontaneous and letting your inner child come out.  So if you have in the past have tried to plan out your love life or you have time line for your life…summer is not the time to follow that plan.  For now just let yourself go with flow and gain some insight into who you are when you are having fun.

No Judgement:

Now is the time to yes to every guy that asks you out.   Let go of all per-judgements and the image of the “perfect” guy.  Allow your summer romance be full of yes.  Let every man be a lesson.  A lesson about what who you are and what you want out life.   Not every man is husband material but every man is place in your path to teach you something about yourself.

Bucket List:

Now one hand you want to be spontaneous and fun on the other hand you do want to make a wish list or bucket list of things you want to do. When you are having fun and feel good about yourself you will attract more guys into your world.  Make a list of all things you want to this summer. (You can check out the Ultimate Single Women’s Bucket List Here.)

The One: 

Say Yes to every to guy that asked you.  ( I will state that if you feel that he is a werido or you just get a weird vibe from a guy then don’t go)  But if you feel he is half way normal then by all means go for it.  But if you have idea of what type of guy you would like to have then list these qualities out. Spend some time thinking about this.  Don’t go for Tall, Dark and Handsome and believes in Jesus.

Write out some qualities like

  • makes you feel like your the only women in world
  • has an irresistible personality
  • Calls you beautiful every time he sees you
  • Calls you when he says he will

Things like that.

The Perfect Wing Girl:

When you are going out and having the time of your life, you have to play it smart.  Which at times mean you need to bring a girlfriend along with you, however this cannot just be any girlfriend, you have to make sure you don’t have the same type.  Make sure your wing girl likes the opposite type of guy you do.

Be Open To Anything:

This a relationship to open you up to other relationships and help you discover what you can about yourself.  However it may lead to something more.  Learn to just lighten up and let go of all expectations of the future will hold.  Remember to pray often (more than just in the morning)  Be open to what doors God will open for you and have the time of your life.

Remember You are the Daughter of the Most High God.



P.S.  If you would love to have more tips on how to find a summer romance or the love of your life download your Free Copy of 10 Queen Skills Every Women Should Know.



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