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Top 10 Best Places For A First Date:

So you said yes to a guy who asked you out.  Now what do you do?  Do you let him take the lead or let him know what you want you do?  

If he asked you and has something planned then let him take the lead.  However, if he asks you would you like to do you can have a really fun come back besides, “I don’t know.  What do you want to do?”  Take some of these awesome ideas for first dates.

Coffee House

A Coffee Date is a great date if you know a guy on very casual bases and don’t know if it is going to be anything in the future.

Walk in the Park

This is a great date idea if you really don’t know the guy at all.  If you meet online this a great public place to meet.  There are lots of people around and if you find out it is not a good fit then you can just ditch him and no big deal.

Local Diner

Check out a locally owned Dive Diner…  This can really make this a fun and flirty first date.  Who take anything serious when you are dipping your stake fries in BBQ sauce.   Bonus is you can become a regular.


Like the diner…Having a Brunch as a first date is very low key and no stress date.  If you aren’t to sure about the guy a brunch is a great date.  It doesn’t have a lot pressure to it.  And who knows what the date will bring.

Live Music

Who doesn’t love a good concert.  A live concert is a little bit cool than a movie but with the same outcome.  You don’t have to talk to much and there are no awkward pauses.   You can people watch and comment on the music.  If it is during the summer time then you can head out to an outdoor concert, which makes a beautiful and romantic date.

Fancy Restaurant

So if you have followed what I have told you about having a pair and spare which has upped your level of dating and a high quality man has asked you out and your like him then by all means suggest the nice restaurant.  One with linen napkins and wine glasses.  I love a good date where you can dress up.

Comedy Club

If having a scenes of humor is important for your man to have, then taking him to a Comedy Club is great place to find out.   This is great for you too because, laughing is will up your levels of endorphins and cause you to glow.  Win Win for the both of you.

A bar

Ok so it maybe a old stand by, however, when it comes to dating going to a bar is great place to get to know a guy.  How many drinks is going to have?  Is he nice to the bartenders?  Does he tip well?  These are things you need to find out about the guy.  Just remember the 2 drink maximum rule.

A Sporting Event

If you are a sports fan or have a favorite team, have the guy take to an event.  And just like a movie or live concert you don’t have to keep the conversation going.  The event will do that for you so no awkward pauses.  GO TEAM!!

Roller Skating

Take a step back (or roll back) in time to your child and go out and have fun.  If you want to show this new guy the fun and adventures side of you this a great date to show this side.


This a great way to go for “a walk” or get outside without really being outside.  If you are not a really outdoor girl then is great way to see nature without having to travel to the great outdoors.   (Really I am talking about myself here) But if you fall into this category then head to where the fish live!

Ferry Ride

If you live by a body of water taking a Ferry Ride is great way to get to know a guy.  You can make up stories about other passengers and see if he is a guy who see the world as glass half full/half empty personality.   Which is just to see where he lines up with your world view.  Don’t be to quick to judge and be open to new fun and adventures.

Food Festival

Who doesn’t love a good food festival….this is the place for adventure.  You never know what you see and taste and smell.  A really great place to get to know someone…

Go Kart Racing

Got a Dare Devil side?  What to know the hot new cutie does?  To get your adrenaline going take a trip to the Go Karts.  See if you guys can compete on friendly flirty level.

Mini Golf  (Put-Put Golf)

Another fun and flirty game of competition this a great way to get some conversation going and find out a whole lot about the new guy.  Also he can help you get your swing right. 😉

Really any place you go will be perfect for a first date, you are just trying to get know someone little bit better.  Remember chose a place where you can spend about 2 hours talking with each other.


Remember you are the daughter of the most high God.


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