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Journaling Habits That Kill Self-Doubt

Pouring out your soul on to blank pages is soothing to the soul.  This is one way to get everything out of your head.  I love the way the way a blank page calls to me. Calls me to fill it with all of my thoughts and dreams.  I love to fill the pages with all the good things that are happening my life.  I love filling the pages with all the little details that are happening in my life.  I use my journal for writing out prayers and scriptures that I want to memorize, refer back to later.  This is how you kill self-doubt.

Some Beautiful Queens I know have given up writing in their diaries because they have lost the dreaming power they once had.  They feel day dreaming and wishing for something else is for little girls and just give up and stop writing, stop pouring out their souls.

So if you are looking to get back into writing out your thought and dreams.  Writing to bring about the life you truly want to have then start now, start today.  Now is a great time to pour out your souls.

Oprah Winfrey,  Melinda Gates, Angela Merkel what do all these women have in common?  And more importantly why I am talking about them in my journaling blog?


Yes they write down their goals.  They all visualize what their life would be like.   They all have a gratitude list, every thing they are thankful for each and every day.

Today I would love to share with you my beautiful 30 writing prompts to help you explore soul.  You can take one at time and do a whole month of these journaling prompts or you can a few at time for day.  The thing is to just start.  Start writing out what you want life to be like.  Starting writing down all the little daily things that make you smile and laugh.  All the little things that you can do make you have a better day when things seem like they are not going the way you want.  All the greats do it.  This is your time to see how great you are Beautiful Queen.

Learn who are by journaling with self- reflection, self-discover and self-love.

30 Daily Journal Prompts:

  1. Morning Routine

2. Bible Verse I Love

3. Self-Love Scavenger Hunt

4. Create Your Own Mantra

5. What To Do To Feel Better

6. Positive Quotes

7. Today Was Awesome Because

8. Most Important People In My Life

9. Most Grateful For Today

10. My Life is Amazing Because

11. 3 Things I Did Today To Move Closer To My Dreams

12. I Feel Most Feminine When

13. I Feel Amazing About Myself When I

14. 3 Things That My “Best-Self” Would Do That I’m Currently Not, Are…..

15. 3 Dreams That I Want To See Come True

16. 3 Things I Can Do Today To Improve My Day

17. My Favorite Way To Spend The Day

18. 30 Things That Make Smile

19. What Does Love Like To Me

20. A Person I Admire Has These Qualities

Words I Need To Hear

What I Need To Yes To

Words I Need To Hear

These are just a few to get you started…I pray that leads to many more prompts for you.  Let your soul do the talking.

Keep writing until you feel everything comes out.

You can get your own notebook and start writing right away or you can download the printable here…..

Remember You Are The Daughter of the Most High God






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