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Decide to Raise (Become the Queen God Created You to Be)

When you make that decision.

You know the decision to take that step.

The most important step, the step into your Queenhood. You can and you do become the Queen of your life.

Quick story about how you will know when you have fully made the decision.

One cold and windy Saturday morning…. I had to get up early and take my oldest son to an appointment. It was early so I just threw on sweatpants and hoodie. My hair in a bun and no makeup on.

And I hit the ground running.

I didn’t have time to go back, take a shower, or do my hair.
Later that afternoon after a full day of running around. My middle son had a football game.

I went still dressed in my hoodie and sweatpants.

I went to the football game.

I didn’t feel very Queen-like at all.

I was feeling frumpy.

Then I saw her.

You know who.

The woman who has it all together.

She too was wearing a hoodie.

However, she wore the hoodie with confidence.

She wore the hoodie, knowing she was the Queen of her Life

She wore her hoodie with cute pants and cute boots.

I bet she even got a shower in the morning.

I felt envy.

I felt awful about myself.

Here I am supposed to be the Queen of my life and I couldn’t get my act together.

But in that moment God was working on me.

I felt a shift.

He was shifting my heart.

The raising of my soul.

At that moment I decided.

I am made the decision to get my act together.

I had heard it so many times, so many times before that you must decide to make that shift.

I must make that decision to shift.

To wear cute clothes.

To wear make-up

To get a shower every day!!!

I decided to make that shift to be really the Queen of My LIFE.

I had made that final decision to raise.

To raise and take the place God had created for me. To start living the life He wanted me too.

If God has placed in you a dream a wish a desire then you must decide to raise up and take it.

To raise and take the place God had created for me. To start living the life He wanted me too. Click To Tweet

God doesn’t give you dreams and desires for them to be not fulfilled.

Then God allowed me to see that yes I have made that shift. It happened I got confirmation that I am doing what God created me to do.

I became the woman in the black hoodie.

I wasn’t wearing a hoodie but I was wearing a cute outfit with heals on.

And women came over to me tell me

“I need to get my act together like Terra, she is wearing heels and everything”

This made my heart sing.

That I am The Queen of My Life.

Now hear me when I say this…

This has nothing to with clothes or make-up.

It has everything to with how you feel on the inside
How your soul can be seen from the outside.

How you take care of yourself and how to feel about yourself is a rection on the outside.

So if you are struggling with getting your act together.
Then you must decide and you must make that shift.

Ask God to help you and He will help you raise and take your place as the Queen of Your Life He created you to be.

“she is dressed in fine linen and purple gowns”

Proverbs 31:22

Remember You are the Daughter of the Most High God



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