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6 Things You Can Do Now To Have A Date For New Year’s Eve!

What You Need Now to Have a Date By New Years!!!

Thanksgiving is coming up fast, with Christmas right behind but you what my favorite Holiday of the year is? New Year’s Eve. I love the romance and the new beginnings that New Year’s brings. So if you’re single and hoping to hook a hottie by New Year’s Eve, it’s time to think about it now. Of course, going into New Year’s Eve single is fun, too. However, there are just some years where that’s not what you’re dreaming of. If you know that your heart’s desire to step into your New Year’s Eve plans with a date on your arm, here are a few things you need to do.

Prayer First:

The first thing you should always do is go to Prayer, Ask God and let Him know what your heart’s desire is. Ask Him for wisdom and knowledge. Ask Him to give you the desires of your heart. Ask for Doors to be open. Ask Him to change your heart into the woman who will make an awesome date for New Year’s Eve.

Profile Makeover

In this day and age, you have to be online dating. A Must! And not only that, you must change every single thing about your profile right now. It isn’t working for you. If you want a date for New Year’s Eve you have change what isn’t working right now. Nothing’s going to change if you change nothing. So, show some new pics. A new bio. And a new attitude toward messaging. Be forward and friendly when you’re feeling it and completely disengage by un-matches when you’re not. That way, you’ll only be talking to people you’re genuinely interested in and not dreading a million boring conversations every time you open your dating apps. No conversations that are not moving you forward. You’re on a mission with a timeline!

Have FUN!

Start doing things you love more regularly and try to find an organized way to do them that involves a group. If you love comic books, go to readings and comic-related events. If you’re a runner, join a running group. If you like a sports team, go to a bar that is affiliated with that team. If you’re getting out there and enjoying yourself, you’ll be more likely to meet someone you click with. And, being happy in your life is the most attractive thing possible to a new man.
So I commend the enjoyment of life, because there is nothing better for a person under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad. Then joy will accompany them in their toil all the days of the life God has given them under the sun.
Ecclesiastes 8:15

Letting The World Know:

Tell everyone about your mission to find someone you’re into by New Year’s Eve and ask for setups and introductions. And I really do mean everyone, not just your woman’s Bible Study group of ten women. Your parents should know. Their friends should know. The mail delivery person at your office should know. Your personal trainer should know. Cast a wide net and you may be pleasantly surprised by what you catch!

Visualize The Night:

I’m a huge believer in if you ask for it, it will come. So, think about the man you want to meet and the type of New Year’s Eve you want to have. Really visualize about it. What is the evening like? What are you wearing? What are you feeling? What are the best qualities of this date you have? What does the air smell like? What are you eating? What does the food smell like? Who else are you with? How is introducing them to other people at the event feeling? Spend five minutes every day to think about what you’re working towards. It’ll put the right vibes out and help you zero in on what you’re really looking for.

Buy tickets:

Going along with the above idea of dreaming it, I really like the idea of planning to have a dreamy date, even if you don’t know exactly who this dreamy date is now. Commit to the New Year’s Eve event that you want to attend. And don’t just commit to yourself. Commit to this dreamy date, too. Buy two tickets to whatever it is and just know that you’ll have a great date by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around. This could be the exact kind of motivation you need to really throw yourself into the search! (if you do buy the tickets, print them out and give them to your man the night of the evening and let him hand the tickets over. This still lets him be the man)
Alright, my single ladies, I hope this helps those of you looking for a honey by New Year’s Eve! And for those of you wanting to stay single for the evening stay tuned. I’ll have tips coming for you ladies, soon!
Remember You are the Daughter of the Most High God
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