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Want to Boost Your Dating Try These 3 Essential Tips

Most common questions from single women are,
“What am I doing wrong?”
“What’s wrong with me?” “
Aren’t I loveable too”?
Honestly, there are only one of three main things that are going on that may be pushing all the good guys away.
Anyone of these three things can flat out ruin your dating life.
Ugg. What?
But wait, there is good news, and they’re all simple and easy to fix.
So, if you’re guilty of any these “guy pushing away” tactics, you can turn things around.
And pretty fast too.

Being too busy:

Ok so you don’t want to accept a date at 5 pm for that night but you still want to be available.
Dating takes time.
And if you don’t have time, you can’t date.
Men want to feel like they are a priority.
That seems really simple, right?
But, so many women can’t see that what’s getting in the way of finding love is finding the time.
And “finding” time really means prioritizing dating in your life.
I Understand that life is full of things you have to do.
I was a single mom of 3 boys and working I was busy.
But I still made time for dating.
I made time for my now husband and I made him feel like a priority (for the most part)
Being too busy to do something really means that you’re not prioritizing that thing in your life.
You’re never too busy for your job, right? Never too busy for kids?
Because you prioritize that as a must-do item on your agenda.
Do the same thing with dating.
One thing I did was keep one night a week open for a date.
Even if I wasn’t seeing anyone at the time.
When you let God know that you are ready for Him to open doors, you’ll be surprised what might pop up for you if you make the time for it.

Diving into love:

I was totally guilty of this.
Falling in love is a process that can last a lifetime.
Falling in love is a gradual stroll down the path to happily ever after.
When you fall super quickly, like right away on a first date or worse, through a dating profile, you’re bound to be disappointed because you’ve basically fallen in love with a figment of your imagination.
That’s right someone you totally made up.
Who can live up to that?
The second a man does anything that doesn’t match with this made up man you’ve created—even if it’s not bad, just not exactly who you imagined them to be—you’ll be crestfallen and over him.
So, instead of creating a man up in your mind, take the path to love for him based on what you experience with him.
When I met my husband we were both in place of recovering past relationships. We took it slow but one thing we did right away was showing each other who we really were.
Don’t expect sudden sparks of a forever kind of love from your first exchange on Tinder or before you order a drink.
Take your time and let love happen on its own. Go down the path slowly. You’ll be giving your dates a more fair chance and, frankly, giving yourself a better chance, too.

Not scheduling your swipes:

Looking for love can feel like a full-time job.
Well, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration.
It’s really is more like a part-time job.
It takes up a few hours a week, but during those hours, you need to be involved and attentive.
I spoke about making time for dates above, but you also need to make time for online dating.
(I know more time.)
But swiping can seem mindless and like something you can do during commercials of This Is Us, but you should actually be paying a lot of attention to building and adjusting your profile, reading profiles, chatting with your matches and setting up dates.
I suggest that you put aside thirty minutes a day for this. And really, enter it into your schedule so you don’t miss it.
One warning: DO NOT make your thirty-minute time slot right before bed.
Late at night is when the weird ones come out on the dating apps, so want to avoid that.
The most ideal is doing this during your lunch break.
Eat for thirty minutes and then spend your next thirty doing online dating.
Really spend time with it.
I mean we are only talking about the rest of your life here.
If you find yourself doing any of the above,
Please stop immediately!
Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.
Just stop.
You’re ruining your chances at love and one super easy fix could send you on your path to love!
Remember You Are The Daughter of the Most High God
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