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The Secret of Drinking Water Like Queen

Do you want to enter the New Year with an open mind and open heart? Do you want to become the woman who is loving and kind others? Do you want to become the woman who all those who are around you can see and feel God’s love?

How cool would it be to go into the New Year with being the shining light others see in you?

You can become the Queen of Your Life.

You can become the shining light.

You can become the sores of life to all those around you.

So how do you become the love and light for yourself and others?

Over the next few weeks before the 2017 year comes to end we will be diving into what it really means to Become the Queen of Your Life.

And with everything in being of a new journey we need to go to God.

Because no matter where you are in your walk, all the holes or gaps you feel in your soul can only be filled with God.

Woman at the Well

I love the story of the Woman at the Well when Jesus confronts her about all of her holes and gaps she has in her heart and soul.

When Jesus is talking about her 5 ex-husbands and then about the guy she is currently shacked up is not her husband. 

He knows that her heart is hurting. He knows that she something and she is looking for something to fill that hurt.
“You have been looking for satisfaction for your deep soul thirst in the arms of men –and you cannot find it there. You have misdiagnosed your need.”

Jesus is saying the longing in her soul is only found in God, the source of life, and not in any human relationship.

So before you can go any further in being the Queen of Your Life, you must be the one who fills your gaps.

You can’t go and look for the gaps to be filled by outside sources.

No man,
No job,
No friends,
No amount of money,
None of these can fill your gaps.

No man, No job, No friends, No amount of money, None of these can fill your gaps. Only Jesus can do that. Click To Tweet

You can’t place that much pressure on someone or something else.

It has to start with you.

Now before you start to beat yourself or start to think I can’t do this,

We are going to break it down into little pieces. You don’t need to know everything about filling your gaps right now.
Whew, Oh Good.

So today we are going to start off really easy….

As with the Story of the woman at the well, we are going to start with drinking more water during the day.

Wait, before you go and run off and think I am crazy,
Stick around for just a moment.

Water is so important in life.

In Your life.

Jesus is the Living Water.

So really when you think about it water is extremely important.
So the first step to becoming the Queen of Your Life is to take in more water during your day.

First when you first wake up in the morning before you have your coffee, (I difficult I know) but you need to drink 8 oz of lemon water.


Drink More Water

This has so many befits.

There are so many boards on Pinterest you can check out if you want to do your own research. (Which I totally support)

But here are just a few:
👑 Revs up Your Metabolism
👑 Relieves Constipation
👑 Reduces Blood Pressure
👑 Gives You Clearer Skin
👑 Promotes Weight Loss
👑 Gives you better breath (yep I like that one as a coffee drinker)
👑Make you happy
👑 Good for your brain
👑 Detoxifies your body

Ok, I hope this gives you enough info to want to start because literally, I could go on and on forever the benefits of lemon water.
Also in addition to your lemon water, you need to keep drinking water throughout the day.

The best way I can tell you, what I do to give myself more water is I think about my organs, and how they need so much water and I am giving them enough water to function throughout the day? It can be really easy to not think about what goes on in your body thought out the day.

But water is important.

👑 Weight Loss (yes I love that)
👑 Energy
👑 Headache Cure
👑 Healthy Skin
👑 Digestive Problems
👑 Cleansing out your organs
👑 Better Exercise

Ok yes, I could go on and on about this too,

But really now when you think about it do you think it was a coincidence that Jesus met with that woman At The Well when he could have seen her at any place? No Jesus met her at the Well because water is so important and it really is the essence of life.

So when you are drinking your lemon water and drinking from your cool water bottle, thank Jesus for the water, for being the living water.

Remember You are the Daughter of Most High God.
Terra 👑


Check out my page for secrets and discover how to become the Queen of Your Life


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