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How To Achieve Your Goals Like An Olympian

Have you seen the Olympics that started last Friday?


If you haven’t had a chance to watch, I suggest you do, even for just one round of any winter sport you like.


I will let you in on little secret… I don’t really like sports.


But I do love seeing people set goal.


Work that Goal


And achieve that Goal.


As we all know not everyone is going to go home with a Gold Medal, however, they all made it.


They achieved their goal of making it to the Olympias.


It makes me wonder as a sit here on Monday morning at my kitchen table still in bathrobe…. What can I learn from these athletes about goal setting?


How did Jamie Anderson and Charlotte Kalla win their Goal Medals?


A few things that jump out at me that all Olympians do is they have one big goal in their life and that is to get to the Olympics. 


But there are a lot of athletes out there that want the same thing but never quite make the big one.


So what do the athletes that do make do differently?


They set “Near-Term” Goals


Now you may be asking yourself what is that?

When successful athletes set goals in a very specific way and it way more detailed then just the vague way you or I may be setting our goals now.

Here is the important thing that they do when setting goals:

They take that BIG GOAL; aka Winning a Gold Medal, they take that big goal and break it down into specific, challenging near-term goals.  They put more focus on achieving those near-term goals instead of focusing on the BIG GOAL.

So the good news for us non-athletes, (like me) is it possible for us to do the same thing with the Big Goals in our life.

Your goals could be:

Weight Loss ( a big one for many)

More Money

And More Time round out the top 3 of peoples goals.

So here is a breakdown of what you can do when you focus on near-term goals. (there is actually a lot of scientific research done this if you want to Google more)

  • Heightened performance and success
  • More likelihood of actually accomplishing your goals
  • A stronger sense of confidence and self-efficiency
  • More determination to get it done
  • And have more fun accomplishing the goal

So really what needs to happen when you are setting your goals, whether it be weight loss or even trying to get up out of bed earlier, focus on one step at a time.

Do just go in thinking “I am going to win a Gold Medal even though I have never figure skated in life.  ( I am pretty sure you can guess what I watch during the Olympics)

So the Queen’s Secret to achieving every goal is this:

Set weekly or daily goals and work those goals aggressively toward them whiling giving yourself some flexibility about how to achieve them.

Set weekly or daily goals and work those goals aggressively toward them whiling giving yourself some flexibility about how to achieve them. Click To Tweet

There is more than one way to achieve a Death Spiral.

Just take one step each day to accomplishing your goal and you will get the maximum performance boost and you will be achieving your goals as an Olympic Champion!!!

Remember to Live Your Life with Passion



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