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Rooted In Hope: How To Reach The Mountaintop

Rooted in Hope: Living the Life of Your Dreams!

This past weekend was Thomas and I’s 6 year anniversary.
Wow, what a ride we have been on. Our relationship can be described by others a roller coaster ride, and then there are times when I thought that too.
The first few years had the trails of a blended family and the birth of twins. However, every day I chose to be rooted in Hope.
A hope of knowing that everything would be better. The family dynamics would smooth out as we settled into our new normal.
Our normal as being this big crazy family.
We chose to embrace it. We chose to embrace the big crazy as our normal.
As so as we had the twins our everything doubled.
Buying food, we started buying two of everything.
Going Places we had to bring double of everything.
After the twins, we need new shower curtains and remember walking down the bathroom aisle thinking “man we even need two shower curtains.”
And my Hope, my hope also doubled.
My hope in being the best mom I could be doubled.
My hope in being the best wife I could be doubled.
My hope in that I could learn from my mistakes and make our life awesome and amazing doubled.
My hope in God more than doubled.
I knew that the more I was rooted in the Lord, the better my day would be.
And as any mother of multiples will tell you is that yes, in the beginning, you take each day at a time.
I still begin each day being rooted in Hope.
Doubling my Hope each day.
So you may be asking what it means to be rooted in hope.
Being rooted in Hope doesn’t mean that you just wishful thinking things will work out.
“Oh I hope it works out”
No that is not what being rooted in hope means.
Being rooted in hope in the Biblical definition is
“Confident Expectation”.
Having Biblical Hope is a firm assurance that your life will work out, even if you are unsure and unclear about your future.
With everything that happens in your day to day life, your career, your husband, your boyfriend, your kids, going to church and Bible study, how do not get caught up in the circumstances of life?
Being rooted in hope is not about letting your circumstances outside of your control rule your life.
Being rooted in Hope means you don’t let the waves of life toss you around.
So what are you to do to stay rooted?
In Colossians 2:7 “Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.”
In the early years of my second marriage, and the early years of the twins life, I felt like I was being tossed by the waves of my everyday life.
I attended church regularly and my faith, I felt was strong, however, those years taught me that my roots were not as a deep as I thought.
When I started really getting into the word and reading the word every day, I began to feel my roots in Christ getting deeper and deeper. Now it has become a welcoming habit every morning to raise before my big crazy family wakes up and spend time with the Lord.
Being deeply rooted in Christ also make us… “like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do.” (Psalm 1:3, NLT)
Being rooted in hope doesn’t mean that your life will automatically become better and nothing bad will ever happen.
No being rooted in Hope means that you can have the faith to know that when you do go through the valleys of life that there is hope you will reach the mountaintop. The promise of the many many blessings our heavenly Father has for you.
So the next time you feel the waves life crashing in, start your day being rooted in Christ.
Start reading the Bible. It can be for only 5 minutes if that is all you feel you have.
Get your mind quiet and meditate on God’s word.
I have included a few memory verse for to meditate on.
I know for me if I can just quiet my mind for a few moments a day, I feel more rooted.
Pray for guideness from God about how you can become rooted in hope. Ask God to show the little things that happen in your day to let you know you are the right path.
Pray for hope in your life that when you do endure hardships in your life that you will reach the mountaintop.
Rooted in Hope only begins with our Father in Heaven.
So today no matter what time is, open your Bible and start reading.
Start reading the promises God has for you.
Get yourself rooted in Him.
When you read the New Testament it shows you that hope is found in Christ, Christ came to fulfill the Old Testament promises.
Along with faith and love, being rooted in hope is one of the things of this world that last forever.
Hope produces joy and peace through the power of the Spirit.
When you are rooted in Hope you start to see the eternal glory now in your everyday life.
In all the little things and in the big things in your life.
Three things will last forever – faith, hope, and love – and the greatest of these is love. ~1 Corinthians 13:13 NLT)
So today my sweet Queen I pray that you are rooted in Hope.
In Hope you know you can have the life you dream of, you just have to go after it.
It will not be easy and no one is going to tell you otherwise but with the hope you know it is going to happen.
6 years later my husband and I are stronger than ever. Our love for each other keeps growing deeper and deeper.
We have been through some dark valleys and been to the mountain tops.
We are still going through some dark valleys but we are rooted in hope and know one day soon that the Mountain Top is in sight!
So if my beautiful Queen you feel you are being too easily tossed by the huge waves of life, then I have a few Bible Verse that you can download and put in your Bible. You can take them out and meditate on them to find your hope. To help you find your way to the mountaintop.
Remember to Live your life with Passion
Click here for the download of the Bible Verse.  Bible Verse for Hope
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