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Spiritual Gift: Discover Which Ones You Have.

Spiritual Gifts
Using the gifts God has given you…
In Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12 and 1 Peter 4, there are the list of the Gifts God has given each one of us. God has created you to be awesome and amazing and yes gave you specific gifts he wants you to use to glorify him and let others know how awesome He is.
Reading through the list what jumps out at you?
Gifts from God:
1. Gift of Prophesy
2. Gift of Serving Others
3. Gift of Teaching
4. Gift of Encouragement
5. Gift of Giving
6. Gift of Leadership
7. Gift of Kindness
8. Gift of Wisdom
9. Gift of Special Knowledge
10. Gift of Great Faith
11. Gift of Healing
12. Gift of Performing Miracles
13. Gift of Prophesy
14. Gift of Discernment
15. Gift of Tongues
16. Gift of Interpretation
17. Gift of Speaking
18. Gift of Helping
Ok so now you have an overview of types of Gifts God has given us, you can be on the lookout for which one or more than one you have.
When discovering your gift, pay attention to what you are attracted to. Pay attention to what you do in everyday life that brings you joy.
What do you do in your everyday life that comes naturally?
Journal that out.
(Of course, you knew that I would bring that in)
But yes keep track of what you do during the day.
How do people act around you?
What do people ask you to do?
What are you good at?
Journal out these questions as you go through the day.
What makes you jump out of bed every morning, more than just the coffee?
Notice the little things that energize you and what just comes easily to you.
What makes you feel the pleasure of God?
Every Gift that God has given you gives off clues. The Gift you have will cause you to react a certain way. You do things a little bit different than others around you.
If you are the type of person who has the Gift of Service then you might be the first one to raise your hand when the leadership teams ask for volunteers.
I know for me this is a big one. I have this pull that just calls to me when I hear that there are volunteers needed.
Or when someone asks for prayer, you don’t give the old standby “oh I will pray for you” no you are the type of person that comes naturally to stop everything you are doing and really pray for that person.
After a few days and gathered some info about how you respond to the day, look back over what you wrote. Make a list of some gifts that you may have.
Then start exploring what you go at.
There may be sometimes when you find out where your gifts are not and that is totally OK.
God created you with your own gifts so please don’t go and try to be someone your not.
Please don’t allow the enemy to get in your head with envy and jealousy.
You, my beautiful Queen, are awesome and amazing just the way you are.
As you try out different gifts, you will find yourself totally engaged in something that time just flies by. You will find a deep sense of connection to God. You will feel Him in you and with you. That is the path you need to take. The path that needs to be discovered more. Because that is probably what your Spiritual Gift is.
The Gift will give you such joy and a sense of doing what is right.
This is the journey God wants you on.
Developing Your Gifts…
Let’s take a look at 2 Timothy 1:6
“This is why I remind you to fan into the flames the spiritual gift God gave you when I laid my hands on you.”
Read that again
Did you catch that?
We are to fan the FLAME!
We are to embrace and grow our spiritual gifts. We are going out and use them to spread the word of God. We are to use our gifts to share how awesome our God is.
It is really awesome to see how you can deepen your relationship God as you discover your special gifts.
How can you use your Gifts today? In the Church or out in the world? You can use them to bring others to Christ.
Remeber to Live Your Life With Passion!
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