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Mid-Year Review On Your Awesome Goals

“I don’t need backups, I am going to Harvard.” ~Elle Woods Legally Blond

Wow, can you believe it? It is already June 1st. We have made it to 6 months now. Summer is now in full swing (almost).

So how are you doing on your goals you have set for this year.

Don’t worry if you feel like you have accomplished everything you wanted to, there is still plenty of time left in the year.

Just focus on life Elle Woods, she did have some setbacks but she knew what she wanted and she knew without a doubt that she would accomplish her goals. “what like it is hard.”

What You Have Done

Ok so maybe you are going into the summer with the body you had a Christmas, but don’t worry, reflect back over the last 6 months on what you have done. Make a list to show yourself how much you have already done. The things that you feel proud of can be of any little things you have done or things that have huge significance in your life right now. Feeling blessed that you have a healthy body to have made it to the gym at least twice per week, or feeling proud of the fact that you’ve paid all your bills on time since the beginning of the year.

 Make a list of any new goals or challenges you’ve taken on over the past six months, as well as how much progress you’ve made on each.

Ok, so we all start with New Year’s Resolutions. You might find that these goals have changed over the past six months, or your not as far along as you would like to be. This doesn’t mean that you can just give up but maybe it is time for you to readjust your goals from the start of the year. When looking at your goals individually, take a look at your personal life as a whole: are you feeling overwhelmed right now? Do you need to take somethings off your plate?

Asking yourself questions like this now can help prevent you feeling overwhelmed or like you haven’t made the most of your year in six months’ time.

What you Going to Do

God created you to be awesome and amazing… Click To Tweet

Ok so the bad news is the year is half over, Good News is that there is still 6 more months left in the year!


So over the next 6 months identify two areas of your life you would like to focus on over the next six months.

Our lives can be divided up into key areas: Spiritual, family, fun, career, finance, relationships, health and fitness, physical environment, and personal development.

Take some time to go through each area of your life and really think about how satisfied with your life. Does your life bring God and yourself joy? Do you wake up in the morning smiling and looking forward to the awesome day that God has given you?

Take two areas that are not a Yes… and work on those for the next months. If there is an area that needs more work then give it over to God and ask Him what you need to improve this area of your life. Remember that you do have the strength already inside of you just know this is the life you want to live.

“Make your ways known to me, Lord; teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; I wait for you all day long.” ~ Psalm 25:4-5

Bible Verse of the Year/ half Year:

Pick a Bible Verse that will sum up your next months. This is a great way of helping you stay grounded between now and the end of the year.

Having a Verse that captures how you’d like to experience your next six months helps remind you of the goals and intentions you’re setting now. As you might have experienced with the goals you set at the beginning of the year, we can start off with the best intentions to honor those goals, only to have commitments and distractions throw us off the path. Having a Bible Verse that perfectly sums up how you want to experience the next six months helps keep you aligned with your original intentions and reduces the chance that you will get to the end of the year with your goals and dreams accomplished.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your own understanding; in all your ways know him, and he will make your paths straight.” ~ Proverbs 3: 5-6

Be You

God created you to be awesome and amazing…

He created you to be you and no one else. It is extremely important to know what you want out of life and what your goals and desires are. Because my beautiful Queen God placed those goals and desires in your heart for a reason. He wants you to bring them out into the world. So be who you are and don’t let anyone tell you different.

Be optimistic about your goals, the road can be a tough one but really that is what it makes your life so amazing.

You have gifts and talents that God gave you, use them to accomplish all your goals this year.

Do you have any awesome tips for a successful mid-year personal review? Leave a comment and let us know.

Remember to Live Your Life with Passion





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