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All things Possible with God?

I have seen that many women feel torn between being content with they have and striving for a life that is dying to get out. They feel they should be happy with their life, but there’s so much that their soul wants to do. They want to know to choose.

My Dear Beautiful Queen;  Why do you have to choose between being content and goals? There is a huge misconception out there that we have to be content and not want more out life. They have to be happy for settling.  That if we want more out of life then we are being disobedient to God or that we don’t trust God. But the goals and the desire you have were placed there by God. He gave you gifts and talents that he wants you to use to Glorify Him and those goals you want out life are yours and they need to be fulfilled by you.

While dissatisfaction can spur change, it’s a huge problem when you’re constantly chasing happiness through goals. There is a balance that must be followed in order to achieve any goal. If you are looking for your goals and dreams to fulfill and make you whole then you will never achieve your goals, you will always be searching and never finding. You must know that you are complete and whole in Jesus Christ now. You are compleat and whole right now. You really don’t need anything else in life. Jesus is the only thing matters and all the other is just stuff. My preferred method is to create a feeling of completeness and wholeness in the life you have right now and use that energy to create from. Achieving for goals is so much more fun when you’re coming from a place of excitement and joy versus resistance and desperation.

When you are setting goals and the dreams that God planted in your heart you need to stop seeking and actualy find the plan God has for you…


There is this Big Push and Mystical teaching that is very popular in Churches today that you must seek “God’s Will” for your life. Now, this is very true however it is not far off and something that you must go searching for and never find the Will of God.

Be in the word every day and ask Him to guide you that day.

That is it. Nothing Hard about because everything you need to seek God’s Will is already inside of you.  The dreams and goals you have that will not go away are from God. So yes you can and are in the Will of God. Because every day you are in the word and everyday you are letting Him know that you are open to hearing Him.


All Things Are Possible (~Matt. 19:26)

We all know the Bible verse “With God all Things Possible” so today my beautiful Quee how great would your day be if you really started to believe that.

Start believing that today. Forget all the SMART GOALS and all the day planners. Click To Tweet

Ok just knowing what your gifts and talents are is just the beginning. Now that you know that your dreams and goals are more than OK to go after, now is the time to actually go after them. Now, this can be totally easier said than done.  Believe me, I know all too well how true this is. But just like me, you have to, no you must decided to go after your dreams. You may be thinking I have I made this decision a long time ago. This is something that I want. But let me ask you, are you any further down the path you want to be on? Or you still where you were last year?

If the answer is still in the same place as last year then no you haven’t decided to move forward to your dreams.

But the good news that you can decide today, this ever minute to believe that All things are possible with God.

Start believing that today. Forget all the SMART GOALS and all the day planners.

How long have you been using them?

I can’t tell you how many schedules and day planners I bought and printed off that I thought would make life easier.

But really all needed to do was decided that I was going to go after the Life that was deep down in my heart and believes that with God all things are POSSIBLE!


Ok so now that you have decided that you are going to go after your dreams, the normal mortal thing to do is start to freak out about how in the world are going to actually achieve your goals. Some will say that you need to go back to school or that you need more money or you need this and that, but the truth is, the TRUTH IS that everything you need to achieve your GOALS is already deep down inside of you and is dying to get out.

Just like Glenda the Good Witch said to Dorthy…

“You’ve always had the Power, My Dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”

The Wisdom and Knowledge that you need to achieve your goals and dreams is already with you, you just need to trust in God and trust in yourself that yes ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE with God.

Now if you are totally on board and ready to stop reading and go after your dreams then please go and have a awesome and amazing blessed day, but, if you are saying yeah right and but, really how do you do that, then please join me in learning in 4 weeks how to set and achieve your goals without more learning, more guilt or shame, and learn how to finally and truly step in to Your Queenhood with confidence, power and love.

Please join me and other favours, beautiful Queens, starting June 25th for a 4-week master class that will help you achieve the life of your dreams and more.

Want more info message or if you are just ready to sign up click over here my Queen.

Remember to always live Your Life with Passion.



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