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7 Easy Ways To Fasting: Queen Esther’s Way



Sitting still, listening to the word of God, sitting still in the presence of God. When is the last time you really took the time to pray? When is the last time you fast and prayed to God?

I am going to go out on a limb and think it has been awhile?

A month? a couple of months? More than a year?

Now there is no need to start feeling guilty because that is what the Devil wants you to feel.

That you are not a good Christian if you don’t fast and pray every day.

I don’t want this blog to bring you down…

Now I know for me I can go for a while without praying and fasting….

But why?

Why don’t we do it more? Is it because it is hard?

We think it is hard?

But it really doesn’t have to be…

If you think something is going to be hard or we think that we have to put all this effort into something in order to make it work it will be hard?

If we look at it and think this is an easy way for me to draw closer to God then guess what it will be an easy way to go grow closer to God.

In the Book of Esther 4:13-17 Queen Esther tells Mordecai to gather all the Jews in Susa and go on a fast for 3 days both day and night.

So have you ever gone 3 days without eating and or drinking anything?

OK, so I have to admit going 3 days can seem a bit overwhelming but really with a couple of tips to remember it can be quite easy.


Ok, so this is a big one if you want to go for 3 or more days of fasting. Why?

This is the big question… why in the world are you doing this?

Have a specific reason for why you are fasting. Are you fasting to draw closer to Jesus? Are you fasting because you feel led by God, He wants you to do something new in your life and you may want to know what that is? Are you fasting for a breakthrough in your life somewhere? Your marriage? Your kids? Your finances?

After you decide on the what you need to decide how long.

How long are you going to fast?

3 days like Esther?

7 days?

Or are you going to go the big 40 days?

It really doesn’t matter but pick a few days that you are going fast. You may need to pray and ask God how long but decided.


Ok, so one way to keep your mind off the fact that you are eating that day is to go and help one else. You can give someone an encouragement. You can offer an extra giving at church. You could volunteer somewhere you haven’t helped before. Or even give extra help to your husband.  No matter what you decided to do, give something, anything, in some way. Help every day during your fast.  This is more than OK with God during your fasting… (if you would like to have more details on that you can go and read Isaiah 58)


Ok, I can’t stress this enough… your mindset is everything. There is this mindset among Christians out there that say you can only see results of your fasting if any at really they won’t been seen until after the fast. But really I couldn’t disagree more. Let me say this again Your Mindset is everything! If you go in it thinking that nothing will come out, then guess what you are right. But if you go thinking that you will see breakthrough every day of your fast then that is what you are going to get. Both ways you are right. It is all about your mindset. God is going to give you what you think is going to happen. In Psalm 23:6 Only goodness and faithful love will pursue me ALL THE DAYS OF MY LIFE!.


So yes set your mind on the LORD and except awesome and amazing things to happen every day of your fasting and every day of your life.






Ok so yes there are going to be times during the day that you are hungry. But when this happens. Stop for a moment and pray for a while.

When you pray you can pray for things like your husband, your kids,


For you draw closer to Jesus;

Ask God to accept your hunger as a sacrifice to Him

Ask Him to take away your hunger pains and give you a hunger for Jesus

Pray for grace and mercy

Pray for you breakthrough

Pray for Church and the Pastor

Pray and keep on praying


Ok, so you knew I was going to get there eventually right? Yes, Keep a journal with you as you walk through this journey with God.  Really you only have to write about 2 things, you can write more but really think about these 2 things … What you see God doing in your life? And What is speaking to you about?

Look for the wonderful things that God has done in your life while you are fasting …

Things like the time you spent with your husband

If there was a financial breakthrough…

If there is a new path that God wants you to take …

If there is a new idea that God wants you to jump on and go for…

Write it all and then after your fast is over take time to look back on what God has done in your life.


Oh that’s right this is why we are fasting, now, of course, you need to pray when you are hungry but also you need to set aside time to read your Bible and spend time with God.  Make sure you are still intune with the Lord because fasting without prayer time really just means a miserable form of dieting. And really no one wants that.


Now you may be thinking but in Esther, she said no eating or drinking for 3 days, and you would be right however what that really maent was no drinking wine. They drank wine way more than they ever drank water. So yes drinking water is still extremely important. I like to drink lemon water. Make it warm so you can sip on it throughout the day. Drinking water during the day also helps keep the hunger pains down …


Yes there is one more if you have been counting, but really I want you to remember above all else, God should be your main focus for doing the fasting. Seeking God and coming into alignment with Him is really all you need!

So what about you? Did this show you how easy it is to fast? Let me know if you have or you are planning on doing a fast. I would love to hear. If you have any type of breakthrough during your fasting I would love to hear about that too. Just drop a comment below.

Remember to Live your Life with Passion!



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