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Is Self-Worth Still the Key to Success?

So have you had dreams of oh Some Day?

Have you sat and thought about your goals and dreams but really feel like they are a far-off

a dream that will never come true?

The thing is this one of the biggest lies from the devil.

Here is the truth. 

The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

Jesus’ purpose is to give you a rich and satisfying life.

So why do we not truly believe this?

Why do we let years and years pass by without really believing we can have our dreams and goals come true.

 You are the daughter of the Most High God!!!

You were created for such a time as this.

Those goals and dreams that you have are to come true.

You are to have a rich and satisfying life.

You are to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

You are worthy!

“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the fact.” ~ Albert Einstein

I have been there, I know you are tired. I know that you have bad days with the kids whining all day.  You have had to clean up so many messes that you just don’t how to do it anymore. You don’t know how you can sit at the computer at night to write your book, to do your art, to create and let soul out after the kids are in bed.

I know it is so much easier to sit on the sofa with a sugary treat and binge watch Netflix’s next popular series.

I have been there,

I know you have a dream…

But it has been so hard to chase that dream.

You may have wanted to be an artist but someone told you that you couldn’t draw or paint.

You may have wanted to be movie start but someone told you that you couldn’t act.

You may have wanted to be a writer but someone told you that you couldn’t spell.

The devil put these people in your path to tell you these things in order for you to not to go after your dream.  To stay where you are at because it is easier. He wants to steal, kill and destroy you. But the thing most Christians miss is he wants to do it slowly.  He wants to steal your dreams slowly and mind-numbingly. He wants to kill your goals with little lies people have told you your whole life.  He wants to destroy any plans you have to live a rich and proposers life.

He wants to do it slowly. So slowly that you don’t notice.

You make up excuses, you believe the lies. You let your dreams pass you by.

There is only really one tiny little detail that is the difference between you and the successful Queens out there who are making their dreams come true…



Marilyn Monroe was fired by 20th Century Fox after just one year because her producer told her she wasn’t pretty or talented enough to be an actress.

Oprah was fired from her first job as a TV reporter. and told she was “unfit for TV”.

And there is Job, he had the money, and more money, a good name, health, a beautiful wife and children. He had it all. But then Staten got in there and tried to kill, steal and destroy him, slowly. The Devil had his own wife telling him that was a total loser with capital L.  However he still keeps the faith and knew that his life would be better.  Lord God blessed Job and gave him back 10 fold of what he lost.

Queen Ester really didn’t fail but she didn’t come from a great upbringing, she had to hide her past. Hid who she really was until yes the Devil came to Kill, Steal and literally Destroy her whole world.

You see we have stuff, every single person on this planet since Adam and Eve has to overcome a lot of stuff when it would have been just easier to let it all go. To not live for God

When we look at Queen Esther we can see that yes we are worthy of having our dreams and goals come to pass. Even when we don’t feel like it, we can step out in Faith and know for sure it is going to come to pass.  Esther’s faith in God and Faith in herself can show us some very important message about going after our dreams.

No matter what is going on in your life trust the timing and go after your dream now! You were created for this time and this place.

Queen Esther had many hard times she had to stand strong in her Queenhood and believe without a doubt that her goal would come to pass.

You, my beautiful Queen, must do the same.

You must stand in your Royal Robes.

Stand in Your Faith.

Pray without ceasing.

That your dreams will come to pass.

So yes very much so your self-worth will determine your Success in this life!

You are worthy. You are ready for such a time as this.

Go out today and take one step forward to getting what you want!

Take Fruitful Action!!!

Remember You are the Daughter of the Most High God!



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