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The Truth About Self Worth Every Christian Woman Should Know.

I will never forget the day that I chose to let my future self-step in and take over,

I will never forget the tears that strolled down my face as I realized that I was standing in the way of my own dreams.

I read the blog The Katrina Ruth Show (she uses cause words, but she is the real deal) on Saturday mornings to get inspired and filled.

I was reading a blog post one rainy Saturday morning in my local Starbucks and it hit me one line.

Just one little line and it shifted my whole way of thinking. 

“All you have to do is beckon her out from the shadows, and say ‘hey – you take over now. I’m done here’.

I latterly starting crying.

I felt my chest swell up and I had tears streaming down my face while sitting in the back corner of the coffee shop.

Why did it feel like my soul was going to jump out of the chest?

Why was I so triggered by it?

I don’t know about you but if you have been struggling to get into your dream life…

If you have felt like you were made for more….

To have more…

Be more and do more with your life…

And you have been struggling with getting there for a while now this may help you.

All that you need, to become the Queen of your life is already deep down inside of you.

In your soul lies the woman that God created you to be.

She has been there all along. Waiting for you get over yourself

For you get over fears and your lies that you tell yourself every day.

Oh, I will do it tomorrow.

I will start my dream life tomorrow, next week, next year.

When I have time.

When the kids get older.

When I have enough money.


NO, the time is now and your future self.

The Bad Ass Queen that God created You to BE

Is already here.

She is already here.

You need to step out of the way and let her shine through.

Let her step out and do her thing.

Because really your soul already knows the way.

So that cold rainy Saturday morning changed everything for me.

And that is my prayer for you.

For you to know that you are worthy and that your future is already here.

You don’t have work hard for it.

You don’t have to keep on seeking.

You can do all the things that you want to do.

All the dreams and goals that you have in your mind and heart

They are all there because that is what God placed in your heart.

All the what if’s

They are all lies from the Devil.

We have heard the “Fake it Until you Make it” BS.

This too is a lie!

A lie that we all believe.

Because we all they believe that One Day…

One day I will…

One day I will be…

One day I will have…

One day I will do…

That is all LIES!

You can do it all now!

Because who you want to be is already deep down inside of you.

It is a sin to think otherwise.

It is sinning to not let your true self out.

To show the world how awesome and amazing and sometimes crazy you are.

Now is the time to step into your Queenhood.

Put those Royal Robes on. To go about your day with your head held high knowing that you are living the dream the life that you are to be living.

Step into the type of day that you dream of.

Running your own business with a sense of ease and flow.

Playing with your kids and be a great mom.

Making love to your husband and know that you rock this world.

Helping out in your church and giving to the poor.

I know that these are some goals that you have, and you know that there is no reason that you can’t have these goals and more come true.

If you want to travel and travel first class, then yes you can and there is nothing wrong with that.

You are meant to live an awesome life now!

You were not created for the masses!

You were not created to fit in with everyone else

No, you were not created for “fake it until you make it”

Because you know who you are

You have always known.

You are just stuffing down and telling your soul that she can’t yet Live!

No, she can’t come to the spotlight yet.

This is complete and total BS and you know it.

How can you do that to yourself?

How can you keep pushing her down?

I know I have been there too.

I have been scared of truly be me.

I didn’t feel worthy enough that people wouldn’t like me.

Or they would make fun of me.

I am here to tell you, my beautiful Queen…




You are the daughter of the most High God!

You are worthy of putting on the Royal Robes and stepping out into your Queenhood!

You are worthy to be the real you!

That you know you’re meant to be in the position, that Royal position.


As the Queen


Are you going to continue to let your soul become dull?

Are you going to neglect who really is?

Are you going to ignore the gifts and talents that GOD has given you?

Are you going to let your soul die out?

Did you know what will happen if you continue to live your life as one of the masses?

I am not talking about the Gentiles but the Masses of the of believers…

If you continue to sit and just be pew a warmer.

And not go after your dreams and goals.

To use your gifts and talents to Glorify God….


Yes, it is a sin to sit back and not be the real you.

It is time to step back let go of the control and let your true self, your “future self” become who you are now!

Stop being a pew warmer and step into the role that God gave you!

Step into your gifts and talents!

Use them to glorify God

You were BRON WORTHY and the Queen of Your OWN LIFE!

You were born to be this woman

Stop Apologizing for it!

Or you know keep doing what you are doing now.

Keep making up excuses.

Keep telling yourself when …

Next time…

It is really is your choice you create your own reality!

Remember You are the Daughter of the MOST HIGH GOD!




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