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We are just starting the month of October.

I know where has this year gone? We have just over 90 days of 2018.

WOW! Are you where you want to be?

Have you achieved your goals?

If so YOU ROCK and there is no need to read further beautiful!

But if you haven’t please keep reading to discover the secret you need to know before you start setting your New Year’s Resolutions.

So here is the thing, my beautiful Queen, in order to have the life you want, when you want to see things change in your life you must first begin within your mind. Nothing will change nor will you get the life you want if you first don’t see it in your mind.

When you see the things you want as if they were actually there, all around you all the time; when you see yourself owning and using them. When seeing them as though they have already happened and be thankful for them in your life, then you will start to see the change in your life. This will motivate you into doing the things you need to do.

For me, it was when I just couldn’t lose the baby weight.  My “babies” my twin boys were approaching 5 years old fast and I was still 40 lbs overweight.

Now I am going to go on a limb and tell you that for me 40 lbs overweight for is bad.  It made me really overweight and I was not happy, I keep telling myself I was doing what I need to do to in order to lose weight but really I was going all in and I was not visualizing myself, picturing myself being the best version of my life. Which included having a strong healthy body.  Now I know there is a lot of “Self-Love” about body image and I know what I am about to say may trigger some but I am here to truly help you create real change in your life, in order for you to get the dream life you must be operating at prime level.

God created you to be awesome and amazing. He created your body to be a temple something to honor.  No matter what your size is you need to be working at optimum level.  When you really want to have change in your life you must also include your body.  You must visualize your body being the temple that it is.

For me, I knew that I needed to lose weight in order to function the way I wanted.

For me when I was younger I watched my grandmother turn into a little old lady,

Now I am watching my mother turn into a little old lady,

I can see the future and I am not really happy about that.

In order to not become a little old lady with hunched back, I know that I need to keep working out and keep on eating healthy.

Because really getting your dream life and how your body looks is all concerted.

Your Mind

Your Body

Your Soul

They are all connected,

Not one is more important than the other.

You must take care of all them.

First and foremost you can love yourself and accept yourself and also not accept the state your physical body is in.

But in order to start living the life, you are dreaming you first in to see it in your mind.  You need to see and feel it.

I had to start visualizing and walking in the body I wanted.

I knew what I wanted so I had to start owning it.

Because I knew that I didn’t come here to be normal/average.

I didn’t come here to become a little old lady.

I needed to believe with every cell in my body that I already knew what my perfect weight was.  I knew what feeling I would have when I was at the perfect weight for me.

Because really my body and my soul already knew, my mind just needs to catch up.

I believe every cell in my body knows how to be perfect for me.

Now listen when I say this everyone is created differently and that is awesome and amazing. Please don’t ever visualize your body as someone else’s body.  This will never work because your body knows how to be the perfect you. Not someone else.

When you have a clear vision of how your body can function in its perfect state then your body will follow because it already knows the way.

So when I decided that I was going walking and punching in my perfect body even when I wasn’t quite there things started to change.

Not only my weight but my self-worth.

I started working in all areas of my life at peak performance.

I had flited the switch

I am not going to tell you that I didn’t resist for a while,

I use to tell myself all kinds of stories about how I didn’t have the time or money to work out and get healthy.

That I could just go on like this and everything would be fine.

I use to tell myself that I was eating healthy

That I did get enough exercise during the day

But really I knew this was not true.

I had to face the facts about what I really doing.

What about you what type of stories are you tell yourself?

Are you telling yourself that everything is fine and that you are being selfish about wanting more out of life?

But the thing is you will never really get the changes out of life without being crystal clear on what you want. Then you have to walk in that vision all day long and then you have been doing the work.

This is a 3 step process that you can apply to any area of your life.

Whether you want to lose weight, make more money, are starting a new business. You must first follow this 3 step process and you will achieve your goals.

Success is just about holding on to the vision when every part of your mind wants to give up.

Today, marks a New Month, a New Week and New Day so why not just make the commit to being the type of woman who holds on to the vision, no matter what it takes and for as long as it takes and then you just keep going, and you will achieve the life you have always dreamed of.

And you know what is better than actually achieving your dreams and life you wanted?

Is falling in love with doing the work in order to achieve those goals.

You must fall in love with the grind.

Because in order to do the little changes you must fall in love with how it feels.

The feeling the feeling of doing the work that actually creates the life you want.

The thing is the outcome is never the actual reward.

Remember You are the daughter of the Most High God.



P.S. if you want more ideas on how to become more crystal clear on your vision head over to our private FB group to get more secrets.

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