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The Only Motivation You Need

In order to get everything you want out of life you first must take action….

Remember when you little before you allowed your fears to take over, remember when you could go to the park and just a make a friend to play with?

This morning I took my 4-year-old twins to the McDonald’s playland and of course as soon as we got there my Baby B “oh mom my friends are here” like he just assumes he can and will make friends.

And my Baby A was running up to the top of the play structure so he can go down the slide.  He just runs up with no fear.

But something happens to us.

We grow up.

We start to believe the fears that start creeping in.

The fears took over.

For my twin boys, they are still at the stage where they still listen to their soul.

They still feel safe to be loved.

Loved by the “friends” they make at the McDonald’s Playland.

They still have the feeling of listening to their soul of going after their dreams and goals.

Their wildest dreams still come true.

Do you remember feeling like that?

Free to listen to your soul

Free to go after your wildest dreams.

But something happens.

Something in your life knocked you down.

You feel down.

And it hurt.

You weren’t ready for it.

So you weren’t prepared for it.

So you let a stronghold take over. You allowed the lie that if you fall down you are a failure and you will never accomplish your goals. You fail so, therefore, you aren’t good enough.

This happens a few more times.

So you stop listening to your soul

You stop going after your dreams

You stop trying new things and you start getting in a rut and keeping doing the same things day after day.  It’s safe I get it.

I use to be in that mindset too.

Over the years of growing up we fall down a lot we get hurt so we form walls and strongholds that we can’t let go of.

So we stop listening to your soul.

You try not to rock the boat. You stay on the shore and all of the other clichés

But it’s true…

Somewhere along the way you stop listening to your soul

You stop going after your dreams

Stop believing that you could make friends at the drop of a hat.

You locked away all your dreams and goals.

You threw away the key.

And now you don’t jump anymore.

They are just a memory.


However, there is a just a little bit.

A Longing

A nudge that is still there

“Will, you ever unlock the door?”

Every step you take,

Every breath you make

Is from fear.

I know this because this was me. I live in fear. Fear of failing and fear of not having everything perfect so I just didn’t try.

I lived in fear for so many years.

I stop listing to my soul and listened to all the lies that told me I wasn’t good enough to go after my dreams.

I was making my life so much more difficult then it needed to be.

But here is the thing…

The most important thing I want you to understand today…


You can stop believing the lies that you have believing in for so long.

You can stop now

You can decide right now in this very moment.

To move forward.

To go after your dreams.

You see the thing is, it doesn’t have to be complicated. It dosesn’t have to be hard.

You can keep moving forward.

Because if you have more successful days then non-successful days then you will be successful.

You can choose to make the life you want to happen. Right now.

When you start listing to your soul you can start moving in the right direction of the life that God wanted you to live.

You don’t have to do everything at once but you have to start doing something every day.

It is really not the things you do or how many things you do but the efficiency of each activity you do.

Only have to do one thing and one thing well and then you can move on.

I do things in really 15 minutes to 20 minute time segments.

I leave my surface pro on all day with all my tabs open.

My word open so when I can sit and write and have time to do so then I can right way.

My power to make the life I want to happen is in, it is at my service; and to make each day and each thing that I do, I make it efficient.  I put the power into each thing I do.

You can too.

You have the power to tell yourself …

No more I am drawing the line….

I chose to live my life from my soul

And total alignment with God

I choose to come from truth

I choose to REMEMBER who I was when I younger


You have always know that you were made for more.

So here is the thing my beautiful Queen is that yes you do have the power to move forward.

You have the power to make the choice to have an awesome and amazing life

You know you have the power


Now is your time!

And you know, know in your soul that you can’t go on like this.

You know you have some strongholds that you want to push back

You want to uncover and remove.

You have the choice

You have the power

You know it is the time

And you know that you can’t go on like this anymore

The only question I have for you Queen is

Will keep going on this way?

Don’t ever forget

You are the Daughter of the Most High God


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