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Don’t Let Your Current Mindset Get In The Way Of Your Dreams

So today is Mindset Monday….
We heard that all the time…
Like every Monday,
But how about this Monday you actually do something about it.
Let’s make this Monday, the Monday you draw the line in the sand and say this week is going to be different.
I am going to talk about how you must get into the right mindset of having the life you want.
No matter what you are going through or where you are at in life you have the ability to change.
This is a hard truth to swallow but once you get it and once you see where you are at is your choice, You will then be able to see that You can change it.
But here is the hard part, you must have the right mindset of being worthy to make the change you want.
It took me more than few years to step into that mindset.
And what I want from you is to not have to wait years before you realize that you do have control over where you want to live, what house you want to live in and whom you want to marry.
Because just like Dorthey in Wizard of Oz, all you need my beautiful Queen is deep down inside of you just waiting to come out.
The hopes and dreams that you have had deep down inside of you that are still burning to get out, those in your soul for a reason. They were placed there by God.
It is really easy to toss around Jeremiah 29:11, but are you really living those plans. Are listing to God when He has been telling you’re since childhood that you were made for more, you were made for a purpose. Are really listing or are you listing to the lies that are being told to you. Are you believing the lies that you are not good enough, or that you can’t make a lot of money and have a nice house because no one in your family ever did? Are you listing to lies that are telling you that you are not worthy enough? Are listing to lies from the Devil and giving in to the fear that it is OK to just be you. That you can’t be the real you because no one will like you? Are you listing to the lies the Church tells you that you can’t have the money, the nice big house because Jesus was poor?
Listen to these are BIG FAT LIES!!!
Yes every single one of them!
God CREATED you with a purpose in mind.
But are you really listening to him?
If you have been dreaming of having more, being more, and being more than what you have right now.
Then today is the day…
It is the day to draw that line in the sand….
It is time to take a step over that line …
It is time for you step into your Queenhood.
Don’t wait for tomorrow or the next day.
Today take one step of action that is going to take you closer to the dream that has been waiting forever to come out and shine.
All you have to do is decided.
It is really that easy, you have to decide that you are going to live the life God created you for. You are going to decide to stop listing to the lies…
And start
Start day take that step over the line in the sand
Today is a new day and today is the day to be strong and don’t give up on your dreams.
When you start living the life you were created for that is when God will reward you.
We need to keep our eyes on God and live our lives for Jesus.
This means that you must start living the life you were created for.
You were created to be amazing…
If you have dreams of being a writer, a businesswoman, a baker, or even being the most successful MLM’er that is what you must do.
You must do it to glorify God.
There is nothing wrong with having money, there is nothing wrong with wanting to live a better life.
Because really it impossible to live for God if you remain where you are at…
If you chose to remain in the life you don’t like….
God wants you live your life to fullest….
You were created to live this human life so start today by living this life you were given.
And in order to do that you have to have money, you have to have nice things that you can use….
You can help more in the world with the more money you have.
Take the example of Bill Gates, he really doesn’t know where God lies in his life, yet he has almost single-handedly wiped out Malaria in Africa, because of all his money. The thing is he may not know God intimately but his soul does. I am not here to judge anyone and this in is not my point but the thing with Bill Gates and Oprah they are living the life God created them to have. They are living in their Mind, Body, and Soul. It is totally normal to want to live a full abundant life. You can help more people when you live a full and abundant life.
To fully live in mind, body, and soul you surround yourself with all the things that you need in order to live that life.
And this first starts your mind. This starts with changing your thought process.
When you start to cross that line you feel your whole life to shift.
It doesn’t matter where you live or where you came from…
No matter where you are at now…
You can start today on the path that God created for you.
Remember You are the Daughter of the Most High God

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