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5 Secrets To The Perfect Self-Care Routine

Real Self-Care

It totally seems like everywhere you look everyone is talking about self-care.

Taking long bubble baths and getting manicures… (these are important too) but they are not what your soul really needs. Today now that we are in full holiday mode we are going to talk about getting in some real self-care.  What you need to do to that will truly help you have an awesome weekend.


I know that this time of year is so stressful for a lot of us moms and women in general.  We put so much pressure on ourselves to have everything perfect.

In my own life, I have wondered for the last couple of weeks how to actually have a calm and peaceful holiday season in the middle of the chaos that happens this time of year.  I have been asking myself what can I do every day for myself that will benefit my mind, my body, and soul that will help me be a better wife, mother, and daughter during this time.


What about you?

What are you doing to have self-care during this holiday season?

Are you focusing on how to feed your mind? Body and soul?

When we are running around trying to do and be everything and for everyone, we put ourselves on the back burner.  We don’t know how to actually get started on what a true self-care looks like for us.

We all know that self-care is vital to our well-being

You can’t be the best version of your self when you are pouring for an empty cup.

So to get you to start on thinking about what your soul needs here are 5 amazing ideas….

Add in a quiet time

I know that is really hard to get up in the mornings but trust me just getting up 30 minutes to just spend some time in silence. We are bombarded by noise all the time. With everyday things like the TV to traffic, to the kids in your house.  Noise and loud noise are all around us.  So one of the best things you can do.  Take some time to be reflective on your day.  Use this time to read the Bible or another book if you wish.  Spend time reflecting on healing your soul. This means no cell phone or turning on the TV.

Get a shower Every day.

Ok so I am not entirely sure why this seems like the most monumental task of the day, but for moms this really is.  So yes make it a priority to take a shower every day. Not only does this feel good it also wakes you up.  Now if you are like me and color your hair, my stylist has told me multiple times not to wash my hair every day. Only wash every two or three days a week.  In the shower, you take every day, on the days you don’t wash your hair use just using conditioner on the bottom half of your hair.  Your welcome. ( I had to pay $200 a pop for this secret.)  


You can do this during your quiet time or in the shower…. But come up with at least one thing, (it can be more), Think of one thing that you can get excited about what is going to happen this day.  This is something that you need to do every day.  This helps with feeling depressed or angry during the holidays.  I even do this with my kids before they head off to school.  I make do  3 things that are going to be exciting and positive this day.

Drink Tea

Like Lots of Tea.  Drinking tea can help with anxiety, headaches, fighting off hunger and so much more.  Along with drinking water, tea is the second best thing you can do for your body.  This helps with wording off drinking too much coffee.  And helps reduce stress, so does a cup of hot cocoa but tea is healthier. Bummer I know.

Date Night

Go out with your spouse. I know this is self-care for you, but yes going out with your spouse is so important to your health.  Mental and physical. Connecting with your spouse once a month or more helps reduce your stress, builds up your endorphins and helps you become a happier woman.  If you are single then go out with guys. I promise this builds up your self-esteem. Dating doesn’t have to hard, single or married enjoy being taken care of. Let it be easy and just flow into your day.

Be Creative

Yes, don’t say that you aren’t creative, or you don’t have creative talent. Because yes you do. You were born to be creative. You were given gifts and talents to use.  It can be anything… You don’t have to sit down and paint like Vangu every day. But something like coloring in the Adult coloring books.  Cooking, baking, writing, making something out of wood.  You can head to the local craft store and they can help you out.  This can also be something that you journal out.  To find out what you really like to do to be creative every day.


Yes, you should be journaling every day.  I am a huge advocate about journaling.  It is really something that you need to be doing every day.  This really helps you find out who you really are.  Questions you can ask yourself everyday… What do I want to feel like each day?  (I want to feel energized, I want to feel loved, I want to feel like I made a difference today.) When was the last time you felt any of those feelings? What would bring those feelings to me now? This is the time you can ask yourself every day to get to know yourself better.


I know first hand how hard this is but really this needs to stop if you are going to get anywhere. If you are still looking to improve your life, have the kind of life you dream of then you have to stop with the negative self-talk.  Today if you do one thing, let it be this, everything else can wait.  But you my beautiful Queen were created to amazing, you were created by the Most High God and you are uniquely you.  So today start by saying one thing about how great it is to be you.  So stop thinking about all the things that you keep telling yourself about how bad you are…. You didn’t do this, how could you be so stupid, how could you have done that, ect…. Now when you think about what you are saying to yourself would you say those things to your children?  No not even close, so why do you think you should talk to yourself that way.  You are the most important person in your life because this is your life. You need to treat yourself accordingly. Like the Queen You Are!

Self-Care and Self-Love

Oh loving yourself goes along with talking about yourself positively, in order to talk to yourself in a positive and loving manner is you have to love and accept yourself. In order do this is really easy.  You take time in the morning or the shower ( and you just thought a shower was to get clean) but what you need to do is say over and over out loud, it is best to look in the mirror out loud on repeat.

“I Love You”

Really that is it.

But this is so important so please do this too.

Ok I know there is 9 and I said I would give you 5 things to give yourself more self-care…. But really I couldn’t just stop at 5, real self-care is so important and I know as wives, mothers, and awesome and amazing women that you really do need to do all of these. To help you move forward into the life you want.  When you start taking care of yourself, when you start loving yourself at a core level, everything in your life starts to fall into place, and everything that you want starts to show up in your life.  If you like to learn more about how truly show yourself Self-Love and Self-Care you can join our privet Kingdom on FB with other awesome Queens, we starting Dec. 3rd with a month of Self-Care/Self-Love Challenge.  Join today!

Remember You are the Daughter of the Most High God.



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