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How Jealousy and Envy Can Improve Your Life

Jealousy. Envy.

These are emotions that we have been taught that are bad.

Having a  spirit of jealousy is something that nice girls are not have at all.

However, God created us to have emotions.

He created us with all kinds of emotions.

The downside to jealousy and envy is in the same line-up as:

Impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, strife, fits of anger, divisions, drunkenness, orgies,

All the stuff we don’t want to do.

But today as we head into this holiday season with Instagram and Pinterest Post abundant we tend to get a little ping of jealousy.

And the normal reaction we have been conditioned to do is to shove it down.

We as women are so good at shoving down our emotions.  Aren’t we?

But what if this year and this time when you pushed into the jealousy and pushed in the emotion of envy and take a deeper look into your soul….

What does your soul say why you are jealous?

What does your soul say of why you have envy toward that home with the beautiful Christmas tree and all handcrafted ornaments.

With a smiling loving husband?


Because you want it?

You want to have that life, the husband who adores you, the kids all looking at the camera at the same time smiling…

The perfect tree, the perfect decorations, the perfect gifts…

We are taught to shove it down and we are supposed to be grateful what have.

We are told that we just can’t have certain things ….

But the thing wrong with this is


This holiday season I want you to dig deeper and I want you to realize and search of why you feel jealous and why you feel envy…

Because I am going to let you in on a little secret ….


Are you sitting down?


Because you have those dreams and desires to have that kind of life deep down inside of you.

When you see a woman with the dream life you think is perfect this is soul crying out and saying that this is how we are to live too.

Now you can’t go and murder the woman who lives in that house you want, that would be sinning in your jealousy.

But instead of pushing down your feelings and ignoring them take some time to examine them.

Take a look at what type of action you need to take…

What type of behaviors would I be doing if I were living in a house like that?

What type of beliefs would you be having if you were to live that lifestyle?


The purpose of asking yourself these questions, which I would suggest you journal out every day in some way, is simply to let yourself hear your soul.

God gave you dreams and desires for a reason.

And he won’t give those dreams if He didn’t fist equip you will all that you need to go after those dreams.

You are worthy of having the life you want.

The husband who adores you…

Kids who listen to you…

The dream career or business you desire

The body you want

You can have it all.

And there is no reason why you shouldn’t.

God created you to live a life like Jesus is coming tomorrow or Jesus is coming in 100 years.

We are to live for Jesus every day which means living a full life here on earth and living with heaven in mind.

And another little secret is that you can do both every day.

You should be living both every day.

The jealousy I talked about earlier can also be when you see someone else living a more spiritually than you…

You can look at them and you know they are the real deal and you want to have that too…

The glow of Jesus just shining outward.

Guess what that is soul calling out telling you that you can have that and you should have that.

You need to have Jesus within your heart while you are decorating your house to look just a pin on Pinterest.

You should be living both every day.

Because remember you are the daughter of the most High God



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